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17 Years of Franchising Wins

With more than 17 years’ experience we can advise on the viability of expanding your business through franchising. We have created an innovative Australian made program called Franchise for Success allowing you to franchise your business or idea quickly and easily.

  • Experts on your side
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  • Quickly develop robust business systems
  • Grow your business
  • Navigate the confusing world of franchising
  • Future-proof your business in 20 weeks
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  • Finance available to approved purchasers


"We’ve found the step by step approach of the program easy to use, very comprehensive and would happily recommend it to any business wanting to grow and expand through franchising. We will have recouped all our costs plus much more from the sale of our first franchise. We’re very excited about our future thanks to everyone at The Franchise Institute."

Dean Odewahn,

Its Bin Cleaned

"We met James at the Franchise Expo and was immediately impressed by his depth of knowledge and his approachability. He definitely stood out as different from the other franchise consultants. After shopping around, we decided to work with James and The Franchise Institute, and it was the best decision! All of his team are knowledgeable, helpful and a pleasure to work with. Since completing the franchising process, we have sold 9 franchise territories and are now expanding interstate. If you’re thinking of franchising your business then look no further than the Franchise Institute, they made our dream come true."

Maria Xynia, Franchisor

Ladies Running Errands

“We came across James Corne from The Franchise Institute and was immediately impressed by his experience and depth of knowledge. He took us through the franchising process step by step ensuring we understood what we were doing and importantly why. Overtime, working with James and his team, we were able to modify our franchise offering so that it now is a simple, easy to operate “dry shop”. This means that the franchisee simply need to take the orders and then the garments are dry cleaned off site in one of our centralised processing plants and returned to the franchisees store for pick up or delivery. Our business is going from strength to strength and we are very excited about our continued growth.”

Stephane Lemenager, General Manager

Lawrence Dry Cleaners

"I’m so happy I used the Franchise Institute to franchise my business. Their detailed system and professional and personable support made everything possible and allowed me the opportunity to grow my business."

Drew Davies,



LTYB - 15 Studios in 3 States and growing.

My journey began back in 2001 when I won a personal trainer competition at Ascot Vale in Victoria. From 2001-2009 I founded the business LTYB where we created super high standards of Personal Training and changed the lives of thousands of members. In 2009 after 200,000+ Personal Training sessions, LTYB took a big leap forward to create a Unique Group PT Model. We approached the Franchise Institute and after doing our research found them to offer the best advice at the best price. 10 years on and we are delighted with our decision. LYTB now has 17 studios in 4 States. But rather than measure our success just in the number of studios we measure our success in the growth of the brand, the success of our members and the satisfaction of our franchise partners.

Throughout the establishment of the franchise James and his team were so helpful and knowledgeable and even now a decade after working with them I know that If I ever have a question, I can call and James and he’s super helpful and always so encouraging. If you want to grow your business and you are committed to its success, then I strongly recommend franchising your business and there is simply no one better to guide you through this process than The Franchise Institute.

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